RFH and Associates Testimonials


RFH and Associates Testimonials

Choosing a home inspector is a difficult decision. That inspection can make the difference between a smooth transaction or a sale fraught with problems. But how can you tell how effective a home inspector is? With nearly 13,000 home inspections completed, RFH and Associates has developed a base of satisfied clients. Please read on to learn more about our past customer’s experiences. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an inspection, or with any questions or comments you might have. We hope you’ll soon become one of our satisfied clients.

Real Estate Professionals

I have been working with RFH for over 10 years, and I never worked with someone as detailed as Keith Pamper. He knows a property inside and out.
He doesn't focus on those trivial things that an inexperienced inspector might write in a report, but really those safety items that can and will affect your life. I've worked with many inspectors, and they miss a lot. I know because Keith's educated me over the years. It's crucial to have someone who takes their time, and is methodical about the inspection. There are a lot of a lot of things that will come up, and it's better to know in advance. This can affect the sale, and sometimes, we have to move on because a property has too many issues. So what! I'd rather have us walk away from a sale instead of ignoring all those little things that will end up putting you in a terrible financial situation. I've seen it many times, and Keith makes sure you have all the information before you move forward. Eventually, I'm going to move to a new home, and would only have Keith do my inspection because I trust him. I'm thinking about my family welfare, and what's best for them. Keith is what's best for us because he's passionate about the job, and would never put us in danger. Keith is the best!

Michael Kaplan
Real Estate Broker
Dream Town Realty

I am extremely pleased to recommend the inspection services of Gregg Dimpfl of RFH. I am the  managing broker of an independent real estate brokerage in Chicago. I have used Gregg’s services for my personal real estate needs and for client recommendations.  Without exception, all have been very happy with his work. Gregg is always a pleasure to bring on to a job. His pleasant demeanor makes him wonderful to work with. He has a very strong knowledge of inspection related matters and is always eager to share his observations, concerns, and opinions as to what is in significant need of repair/replacement and what is of little concern. When Gregg has been on an inspection my clients (and I) have had a high level of confidence as to the condition of a particular property. As an added bonus, he is an enthusiastic teacher of home condition and construction related topics – something he is glad to do during the inspection process!! I have every expectation to use Gregg to inspect my next potential purchase.

David Friend
Managing Broker
Edge Real Estate, LLC

I am very happy to have Greg as my "go to" home inspector. He inspects properties for both my buyers and sellers the way he would for himself. In addition to being thorough, he explains his reports in a understandable way and puts everything in perspective so they can make an educated decision about the results. My clients are more than satisfied with the job Greg did for them. His "pre-inspections," for my sellers, allow them to take care of anything before it becomes an issue with a buyer's inspection. The ones he does for my buyers educate them about the home they are buying, regular maintenance they may need to do, and any issues that may come up along the way. In all cases Greg's inspections have helped my clients save money and/or given them peace of mind. He is always top on my list of inspectors."

Barbara Binik 
Associate Managing Broker
Baird & Warner  

The Nimick Team As a realtor, having a professional and reliable inspector to recommend can be tougher to find than most may think. For the past several years, Gregg has been the go-to inspector for all the buyers I have worked with. His extensive background in construction as a general contractor, coupled with his extremely thorough approach to conducting an inspection and his very reasonable fees make Gregg a natural choice. The fact that he concludes each inspection with a detailed review of everything (in layman's terms and not fancy descriptions) makes the choice even easier. I highly recommend Gregg to anyone needing a professional real estate inspection for any type of property. 

Dave Nimick Chicago Real Estate Expert | Chicago Neighborhood Market Specialist | Chicago Luxury Homes | Owner

I have been an agent with Burrell Realty, a boutique agency here in the city of Chicago for the past 10 years. Not only do we take extra care in finding the right home for our clients, we take a personal, hands on approach to helping them select related personal services, from attorneys, mortgage lenders, as well as inspectors. We have always provided lists of recommended real estate professionals  for our clients to choose from, so they are ultimately in control of the decision making process.  However, after going out on my first inspection with Gregg Dimpfl from RFH around 8 years ago, I started to urge my clients that when it came to choosing an inspector, they need not look any further. Gregg is the ultimate professional. He thoughtfully explains issues that come up on inspection, and makes sure that the client fully understands his concerns. He is thorough, patient, and precise, and with a warm sense of humor, delivers critical information to the client while making them feel at ease at what is often the most tense part of the real estate transaction. I will continue to recommend RFH to my clients without hesitation.

Jason Burrell

Gregg is a consummate professional, and has taken it upon himself to provide top-of-the-line service for his clients. He is very patient and meticulous in his process and does an amazing job of educating his clients. I’ve known Gregg on a professional level for many years. As an attorney I have referred his services to numerous clients and his professionalism continues to benefit the overall group/transaction.

Matt Albrecht
Attorney at Law

Keith Pamper is the consummate professional.  He's always timely and thorough.I like that he makes the effort to point out flaws in the home during the inspection,so that the client can see exactly what he's seeing and ask questions on the spot. He does a great job of explaining the issues and the severity with each.  He has awonderful disposition.  He is incredibly friendly and has a great sense of humor, which,when you're on a four hour inspection can be welcome. I've used Keith on condos andsingle family homes both in the city and suburbs and every time my clients have beenimpressed.  I would highly recommend using Keith and RFH and Associates for all yourinspection needs.

Bucky Cross
Property Consultants

Client Testimonials

Gregg Dimpfl was our home inspector for a new construction condo in the City of Chicago. Gregg was very thorough in his inspection. He identified one issue that affected all of the units in our building. He went through all the mechanicals and other features of the condo to make sure that they worked properly. I would use RFH & Assoc. again.


Gregg was very accommodating when we were scheduling our pre-home purchase inspection. He was prompt and even started the inspection before we got there. The report came quickly, well within the time frame he gave and his price was better than most of the alternatives. The report was very detailed and easily read. If I have the need for future inspections I'll very likely give Gregg a call.

Jessica Kumar
Oak Park, IL 60304

Gregg performed a home inspection for us before we decided to purchase a home. He inspected the outside of the home, garage, yard. On the interior of the house he examined all levels, including the attic and check all appliances.

Gregg came highly recommended by a friend who is as fanatic about homes (maintenance, care, etc) as I am. I cannot express enough how lucky I am that I hired Gregg Dimpfl for the home inspection. Our contract was signed, we loved the house, the location, the school for our son, the transportation for my husband, but it had so much wrong with it that it would have been the biggest money pit. Our inspection took 5.5 hours and he did not miss one inch. His main focus is SAFETY and Significant items that need to be addressed. He wrote a thorough report that night and sent it before we went to bed. The realtor for the sellers called one week after we backed out of the house wanting his name because she was so impressed with him. From tuck pointing, mold remediation, plumbing, electrical, safety hazards, and the list went on, his 20+ years as a contractor definitely show in his report. We know that his role in the next home will play a MAJOR role in our purchase. He is the key to the home!

After we received his report, we carefully chose what we wanted addressed to the seller side. They said they would issue a 15,000 credit and that is it. We knew based on the laundry list of things terribly neglected or wrong that that amount was insignificant compared to the reality of the work to be done. Not only did we back out, but we ran away from that deal. It didn't take an expert to know that mold was within the walls on every level of the home. Gregg pointed out drywall seams, rust on lintels, rust in glass block windows, mold in shower, huge gaps between tile and wall in all bathrooms, no weeps and no drainage system outside, large cracks in sidewalk, the ejector pump overflowed while we were there because he was running the tub- he checks everything and knows everything. It was the best 450.00 we have ever spent. If we have to do this again, we will only choose him as our inspector.


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